Child Support

Child support is a major issue in any divorce involving minor children. Florida has adopted child support guidelines that provide a standardized formula for courts to follow when determining child support obligations. There have been recent changes to these laws that have the potential to impact parents and children across the state.

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One of the biggest changes in the new legislation regarding child support guidelines involves a revision in what constitutes "substantial parenting time." Previously, if a child was at a parent's house for 40 percent of the year (146 days), the parent would have what is legally known as substantial parenting time. As a result, the parent would be eligible for an adjustment in child support payments.

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The law has revised substantial parenting time status to 20 percent of the year. This means that any parent who shares time with his or her children for 73 days a year will be eligible for an adjustment in child support payments.

These changes also mean that any parent who has his or her children every other weekend and half the summer will be eligible for an adjustment in child support payments. If you believe you are eligible for an adjustment, I can offer guidance and a plan of action.

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