This is just a sampling of testimonials from over 40 years of family law and divorce representation. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me by calling (954) 229-1660 (my cell at (954) 295-9222) or send an email to my Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale offices. I would be happy to meet with you during a free initial consultation.

Alan R. Burton is a good human being but truly a great lawyer. Alan R. Burton took my very weak case but with his dedication and smartness Alan R. Burton ended up winning it for me and most important Alan R. Burton won the case with 0% tolerance for lies and 100% for truth. I’m simply convinced with his detail notes and timing to use information at right time. I can say for sure that Alan R. Burton is a most respected lawyer, and even the judge has a great deal of respect for Alan R. Burton . That’s my quick review, but if I go into detail then I can write a book on his ethics, honesty and hardworking capacity.

Amer A.

"Alan Burton represented me on a tough child support case. He was extremely professional, aggressive and ethical in the courtroom. He is very honest and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him for any case, no questions asked. Thank you Mr. Burton for all of your help and support through this time."

Abigail A.

"I would definitely recommend Alan R. Burton, Attorney at Law. A short few weeks ago I met with Alan Burton anxious about a proposed relocation challenge and today, I am grateful to him that my case is finalized with a positive outcome for me and my family. I am a single working mom and my current job was in jeopardy with a layoff imminent. Luckily, I was offered another job opportunity, but it was in Georgia. Understanding my desperation, the need and time sensitivity of my proposed relocation, Mr. Burton immediately began work on my case, filing petitions and pleadings etc. He was always there when I called on him. Every step of the legal process, he set my mind at ease by providing consistent communication and prompt responses. He even readily uploaded all the files for my review. In a matter of weeks versus months, we had a hearing which resulted in an approval for my permanent relocation. Alan R. Burton's professionalism, legal knowledge and expertise have afforded me and my family a bright new future. Georgia here we come all thanks to Mr. Burton!"

Amelia D.

"Alan Burton assisted me in my divorce case last year. He has been in business a long time and was observed to be well respected and liked by his peers. He is a gentleman and does not lose his cool. He is extremely well prepared, detail oriented, and provides guidance but does not lead. He was dedicated to my case, working weekends and late hours at times, going out of his way to make things easier for me. He is highly service oriented, taking calls after hours, and always promptly returning calls, texts and e mails. I always felt Alan was a team mate and working with me to accomplish my goals. Alan Burton empowered me at a time when I needed it most, and because of the outcome of my case, changed the course of my life in a positive way."

Bonnie G.

"Please allow me a moment to state very sincerely how pleased I am with the service you have provided me, during our 1 year legal custody/relocation case. You provided outstanding legal counsel to me during a very difficult period. You have a rare ability to offer deeply analytical legal guidance in a best-of-class manner. Additionally, you provided strong strategic guidance as to the best course to take with our case. Your relentless commitment to succeed for your client and your passion for achieving what is right is top notch. This combination of legal, strategic and dedicated service, is a rare commodity, and much appreciated by me and my entire family. You have assisted us immensely, and we hope the relationship built during these trying times never erodes. Our compliments to you and your team on a tremendous job well done!"

Carlos C.

"There just aren’t enough kind words I can say about Alan. He took on my case that was highly litigated by my ex, who had a team of high profile lawyers that took me to court over every issue you could imagine. Time sharing, schooling, child support, child care, medical, you name it, we were in court over it. Many lawyers don’t even want to get involved with difficult cases. Not only did Alan take on the case, but he also won!! He is the most honest, trustworthy, kind-hearted, decent, knowledgeable attorney that will not only go to bat for you but will treat you with undivided attention throughout the whole process. I am forever grateful to Mr. Burton and highly recommend him."

Caroline S.

"I give great pleasure in writing this review for Mr. Alan Burton. He was a tremendous help in resolving my foreign divorce/child custody case. Very competent, knowledgeable and always available; day and night. I am located in the Middle East and had a very complicated divorce/child custody case that Mr. Burton not only embraced, but demonstrated what seemed to be a full time commitment to my needs. I could not have asked for more from Mr. Burton. My case involved a foreign judgment in Dubai and Mr. Burton devoted unlimited time and effort to my case, resulting in a judgment in my favor with the courts of Florida. Mr. Burton became an expert of the laws of Dubai and was also essential in coordinating and communicating case details to attorneys in Dubai, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service. I can sincerely say that you will not go wrong in retaining the services of Mr. Alan Burton. I cannot give enough accolades for all of his help."

David A.

"Due to a devastating end of a 27 year marriage, at a time when I didn't know where to turn, it was my good fortune to be referred to the law office of Alan R. Burton, over seven years ago. It was the first time I had to employ an attorney and had a formed opinion that they were "all" pushy, money hungry and uncompassionate. From the time of our first meeting, I felt Alan fit into my comfort zone. Alan took the time to explain everything in great detail and if need be would explain it again. I was always given options and never felt that I was being pushed into anything. Whenever I had questions, my phone calls were returned as soon as he was available. His calm demeanor always helped to keep me confident and comforted. It is unfortunate, but I have had to retain Attorney Burton's services further, having to go before the judge on several additional occasions, stemming from the lawsuit and we have always won our case! When speaking with others who have had to employ the service of an attorney, I have found that most have had complaints of not being able to get in touch with them and that they were being nickel and dimed for everything. I have never felt that the "meter was running" in my dealings with this firm. In fact the fees were lower than most I spoke with. I hope not to have to retain an attorney in the future, but, should I have to, it will be the Law Offices of Alan R. Burton."

Debra M.

"Alan, thank you so very much for representing me in my divorce case. From the initial no-fee consultation that we had in your office, until the very end of the process when we said goodbye on the courthouse steps, you have been extremely responsive, knowledgeable, patient and kind. I believe that I reached an equitable settlement in my case, due in large part to your explanation of Florida case law to me, and our discussions of the pros and cons of different paths that we explored. I learned a lot from you throughout the process, and I thank you for that. Your tenacity for researching and presenting Florida case law that supported our position was admirable. I also want to thank you for catching two very important omissions in the final Settlement Agreement that may have proven very costly and difficult for me down the road. When opposing counsel prepared the final agreement, which you reminded me is a legal, binding contract, your expertise in reviewing every paragraph, sentence, word, and monetary figure, left no doubt in my mind that we had reached an acceptable conclusion. Thank you, Alan. I appreciate all of your hard work."

Doug W.

"I have known Attorney Alan Burton for more than two decades. He has helped me with a variety of legal issues from business incorporation, to contract and terms negotiation and most recently with the sale of a condominium in South Florida. In all of that time Alan has been sincere, honest, and wholly intelligent and decent. Simply put he is terrific! You would be hard-pressed to find better legal counsel-anywhere! Moreover he is a lawyer who genuinely cares for the well being of his clients."

Gary S.

"Recently I needed an attorney and I was very lucky to have chosen Mr. Burton. He made my experience very easy and not time consuming at all. But, as I have stated before the most important thing about any person I deal with is kindness and honesty. I would tell everyone I know to use Mr. Burton's office."

Jan L.

"Mr. Burton, I don't have a word or a deeper expression I can use to tell you how much your services as my legal counsel have been appreciated. From day one to the final step of my divorce, you have been with me in every single matter. My case was a successful one because of you. Your expertise in this field, and the way you address issues, will be an asset for every client that I can refer to you. Thank you very much for your support, your understanding, and your advice to me, and treating me more like a family member, rather than as a client. The benefits that you provided to me as my legal representative far outweighed the cost of your services."

Kinsonn E.

"Although quite belated, this note of deep thanks and appreciation does not mean any less but actually has proven more meaningful with time… At the beginning of this year, you finalized a divorce for me that was five (5) years in the making. Up until I connected with you, the divorce was something that continued to be a battle that I just couldn't engage in, let alone "win." With you leading the way, I was finally able to look myself in the mirror and say that I was divorced- and it was accomplished as painlessly as possible, with attention to all details, my budget, my needs and those of my son's, as well as being fair, expedient and honest all along the way. You were always available to me when I had a question, responded quickly and effortlessly and moved through the legal process as quickly as possible through every step. You simplified what was complicated; expedited what was laborious; and even made me smile when I wanted to cry. I think the true testimony to what you accomplished is what I am living now…a life free of the complications I had before, along with the fair and appropriate support that my son's father should be providing – and all without me having to say a word or cry a tear. Again, many thanks for your support, your guidance and your expertise…You're the best!"

Melissa S.

"My experience with Alan Burton and Assoc. has always been positive. Using this firm for all my legal needs since the late 80's, I have referred other clients all with positive outcomes. Alan and his staff always complete and resolve his client's needs."

Patricia S.

"As any devoted parent who loves their children, imagine the thought of your children being abducted by another parent. The feeling of not knowing if you will ever get them back, the anxiety of court proceedings, and a possible International custody battle. This is something I would never want any parent to go through. My biggest concern was ensuring I had the right attorney that has experience with child custody matters, and someone who truly was concerned for the well being of my children. I did my research and spoke to countless lawyers, the name that kept coming up every time when I mentioned child custody and children was Mr. Alan Burton. I made the decision to go with Mr. Burton and it proved to be the best decision I could make as he was able to get my children back. Mr. Burton is a true professional, who knows the law and cares about the concerns of his client. I have never met an attorney who is as good as he is, and is as compassionate as well. I'm forever grateful for all that he has done."

Stefan B.

"As a single working mother of two young children, I totally appreciated Alan's flexibility to E mail and to converse by phone. There were times I could only respond or ask questions regarding my case well after 6 P.M. and Alan always made himself available to suit my schedule. Alan is a single dad of three kids and that really impressed me to; he truly understands multi-tasking and priorities. Alan's calm demeanor helped me stay focused. Alan constantly provided information and thoughts to consider as we prepared for court. Reading previous cases he provided helped to formulate our plan – and it worked…we won! I highly recommend Alan Burton to anyone needing assistance with family law. I knew of two divorce cases he handled for people I worked with and both were very happy with the results. That is why I called Alan. Their cases were complex too and they both felt extremely satisfied with the attention Alan gave them as well."

Stephanie C.

Mr. Burton, "I would like to thank you for representing me in my child support modification case. Before I hired you to represent me, I had already hired another lawyer. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. As the proceeding was approaching a conclusion, I received a proposed order from the Support Department. My modification was based upon one of my two children attaining the age of majority. Surprisingly, the amount of child support went higher then what I was already paying. My lawyer’s response was that I was earning more than before. I knew I had to find another lawyer. I googled lawyers in the area experienced in child support. I found your number and called. I couldn’t believe that within 15 minutes of my free consultation you figured out what was done incorrectly. Not only did that surprise me, but the fact that you were not even going to charge me and told me exactly what to do was also a surprise. I didn’t feel comfortable taking care of this matter by myself and asked if you would still represent me. I’m glad you agreed to represent me for a very reasonable flat rate. As the case continued, you kept me updated through my personal “My Case” web site, which I think is such a great tool. You always returned my calls immediately. It just took a couple of weeks for you to finish my case. Not only did you follow through in such a professional manner, but also reduced my child support by almost $400.00 a month, so that the correct amount of support, as required by Florida law, was being paid. I really want you to know how much I appreciate what you have done for me." Thank you,

Steven M.

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