Video FAQs

Welcome Video Are there Different Types of Alimony in Florida? When Paternity is Established, will I get Custody of my Child? What is the First Thing that I Should do if I am Served with a Summons and Complaint in Florida? What is Marital Property in Florida? What is a Parenting Plan? What if I do not Like the Present Custody/Timesharing Order? Can I File for Custody/Timesharing in Another State What Happens in Florida when Visitation Rights are Frustrated? What Happens if the Mother was Married to Another Man at the Time the Child was Born? What Determines How Much Child Support I have to Pay in Florida? Should the Court Consider my Financial Circumstances in Determining a Temporary Support Award? If the Other Parent will not Allow me to see my Children, do I have to Pay Support in Florida? If a Parent Moves Out, Leaving the Kids with the Other Parent, Can the Moving Parent still get Custody/Timesharing Later? I Lost my Job and Cannot Afford my Alimony Payment. What Can I Do? I have Been Served with an Order of Protection and it Includes my Children. How can I see my Children? How does Alimony Affect the Calculation of Child Support in Florida? How do I Enforce a Support Order in Florida? Does Joint Custody/Timesharing Affect Child Support in Florida? Does a Court have to Decide our Visitation Schedule, or can the Other Parent and I Make the Schedule Ourselves? Can Men Seek Alimony in Florida? Can Custody/Timesharing Rights be Modified in Florida? Can Alimony be Modified or Terminated in Florida? Can a Florida Court Order Payment of Support During the Marriage? At What Age is Child Support Terminated in Florida for a Handicapped Child who is Unable to be Gainfully Employed? Are there any Guidelines in Florida for Alimony, Like those Judges use in Child Support Cases? Are Mothers More Likely to be Awarded Primary Custody/Timesharing than Fathers in Florida?